Roof Restoration Adelaide

We are a South Australian family business that specialises in Roof Restoration Adelaide and pressure cleaning services. We are ready to help you restore your roof to beautify your home, increase your home’s value, prevent and repair leaks, and even cool your home and reduce power bills with our heat reflective roof coatings.

We set ourselves apart from others using our:

Family Friendly Business

Family Friendly Business

Honest and Fair Pricing

Honest and Fair Pricing

Experienced Workmanship

Experienced Workmanship

Free Online Quotes

Free Online Quotes


roof restoration adelaide


Concrete Tiles crack over time, either fully or with corner chips, they will lose their original coating and they will become brittle with weathering. A Concrete Tile Roof will need Ridge Cap repair work as the roof has moved, expanded and contracted over time which causes the original bedding material, to crack, or even to be fully eroded. A Concrete Tile Roof Restoration repairs all of the above problems and adds years to the life of the tile.

Roof Restoration Adelaide


What ever is happening to Colourbond these days the colour is just not lasting. It is quite common to see roofs with white streaks and even full losses of colour. The end result is an iron roof that has a chalky white residue left. The cost of re-roofing is significant and a much more affordable and better result is achieved by an Colourbond/Iron Roof Restoration Adelaide particularly when choosing Heat Reflective Roofing Coatings.

ridge capping repairs adelaide


Over time Ridge Caps will crack and the bedding break away on both hips and gable roofs. This can lead to damaging leaks particularly with the weather delivering to us more intense rain storms. We can undertake a full rebedding of your ridge caps, or a re-pointing of your ridge caps, or just repair the damaged area of Ridge Caps.

roof restoration Adelaide


We have undertaken many large unit complexes, both Tile and Colourbond Iron/Tin. We are used to dealing Strata Managers. The above units were at Wynn Vale in Adelaide.

roof restoration adelaide


We are experienced at undertaking work on Commercial Complexes in both Tile and Colourbond Iron/Tin roofs. Commercial Compexes require work being undertaken at times of low or no traffic so as not to interfere with the businesses patronage. The Commercial Complex is in Kidman Park in Adelaide.

high pressure cleaning services Adelaide


High pressure cleaning services Adelaide is one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways of restoring tired dirty pavers and concrete. You can do it just to beautify your home, however we have many Real Estate Agents who recommend that the saleability of a home will be improved if paths and driveways are cleaned.


Adelaide Roof Restoration

Why us?

We have the right tools

The clean is the most important part of a roof restoration Adelaide and we have a Honda 4000psi High Pressure Water Cleaner which removes all dirt, lichen and moss. We then spray your Roof with our Grayco Airless Paint Sprayer powerfull enough to supply 2 fifty metre hoses at the same time.

Certified Licenced Insured Experience

We are Fully Dulux Certified Applicators RO694. We also use Acryloc paints. Our Builders Licence Number is 219035 in the name of Aaron Forsythe, not some company that can go into liquidation overnight. We have full Public Liability Insurance through Allianz. We are registered with EBIX Trades Monitor to undertake work for Strata Organisations.

Competitive Pricing

We are a family business that promotes honest pricing. Don’t be fooled by the big giveaways or 30% discounts that are so prevalent in our industry. There is no such thing as a free lunch. We usually find our price is significantly less than the discounted prices offered by many of the large Home Improvement Companies who provide services in the Best Roof Restoration Adelaide Business.

10 Year Warranty

PAINT A ROOF provides a 10 year warranty against major failures of the restoration process involving peeling or flaking of the full Membrane System where it is established that the application process was at fault. General Workmanship is warranted as per the Building Industry’s Guidelines.

12 Years’ Experience

We have all had many years of experience in the Adelaide Roof Restoration Industry on Tile and Colourbond Iron/Tin Roofs. We are specialists in coating Iron Roofs which require continuous complete sprays of an entire section so as to avoid patchiness (and surprisingly tin is harder to paint than tile because of the issues of patchiness).

A Family Business

Yes we are a genuine Family Business which means competitive honest pricing without pressure selling, respect for your privacy, and where we “Quote the Work, Do the Work, and Warranty the Work” (and yes we still work on the roofs ourselves)