Best Roof Restoration Adelaide

How do we offer the best roof restoration Adelaide? We provide our customers with a comprehensive service to address all risk factors when it comes to degradation. The first step is high pressure cleaning. We use the latest and greatest Honda high pressure cleaning equipment rated at 4000 psi. The equipment removes all dirt, bird poo, grime and leaves from your roof to give us a smooth painting surface. The most common warranty complaint with roof painting is peeling and flaking, which is generally attributed to poor cleaning. Once we’ve successfully cleaned the roof, we complete any necessary tile repairs such as re-bedding and re-pointing your ridge caps. After your tiles are fully restored, we begin the coating process. This includes a mould inhibitor, a primer, and 2 top coats of the paint of your choice. Our extensive process is what makes the best roof restoration Adelaide!

Best Roof Restoration Adelaide

The roofing business you can trust

So, we’ve detailed the ins and outs of the process behind the best roof restoration Adelaide. But, providing a service is more than just about delivering a product, it’s about facilitating a positive customer experience. We keep our customers happy by taking a bunch of additional measures to give them long-term confidence. Here’s a list of some of our key-qualities:

  • We offer traditional, on-going communication.
  • We provide honest advice, without pushing sales.
  • Our work is backed by a 10-year warranty.
  • We’re covered by Public Liability Insurance.
  • We only use brands that we know and trust.
  • Our team take care of the project from end to end.
  • We have the most competitive pricing in the industry.

All of these factors combine to give our customers complete peace of mind. We’re trustworthy, hardworking, and passionate about providing our community with the best roof restoration Adelaide.

Heat reflective paint coating

As you now know, painting is the final step in the process behind the best roof restoration Adelaide. The vibrance of a fresh coat of paint is enough to completely transform your roof. However, colour isn’t the only quality we look for when choosing a reliable brand to work with. One of the key components we look for is heat reflective technology, which has a number of benefits for your roof. To state the obvious, the reflective pigments divert the sunlight, and reduce heat retention. This can dramatically reduce the temperature inside your home, which minimises your air-con use. These paints also keep the appearance of your roof in tact by preventing sun damage and resisting against fungal growth. In addition to the visual appeal, they’re specially formulated for safe collection of potable drinking water. Our recommended brands are Dulux and Acryloc for the best roof restoration Adelaide!

You can trust Paint a Roof to deliver outstanding results and customer service time and time again. We can even offer you a free online quote if you’re working within the constraints of a budget. Look no further for the best roof restoration Adelaide. If you have any questions about our services or recommended products, simply give us a call on 08 8464 0714!