Heat Reflective Paint Adelaide

The Reason for a Roof Restoration

Beautify Your Roof

The roof is visually one of the most striking features of your home. It is the first thing noticed about a home when viewed. Concrete tiles, tin, and even Colourbond after about 15 years of weather, begin to show their age. The Adelaide roof restoration brings a roof back to that new home look. The paint membrane is warranted for 10 years, however, most roof restorations provide an enhanced look to your home for much longer than this.

Increase Life

With a changing climate your roof is taking a beating. Hotter summers and damper winters will reduce the life of either Tile or Tin Roofs. Tiles crack as roof joists age and dry out, they also frequently erode on the sides and surface. We have walked on roofs where the tile has actually crumbled underfoot. A Roof Restoration Adelaide seals the tile or tin from further weathering thus substantially lengthening the tile’s life and reducing the likelihood of an expensive roof replacement.

Prevent Leaks

If you have a deteriorating roof, you are leaving yourself open to significant water damage in the winter months. The Best Roof Restoration Adelaide places a membrane seal across the roof to minimise the likelihood of leaks.

Increase Value

When valuing a home for resale, image is essential. A roof restoration provides the most dramatic image improvement to your home for the money spent, this can lead to an improved valuation and a faster sale.

Cool Your Home

In summer due to extreme temperatures, your roof & roof space are heated to levels that effect the overall comfort of your home. By having a roof that doesn’t have a heat reflective roof paint coating, you are costing yourself extra money on cooling your home! Even a dirty roof absorbs more infra-red rays than a clean roof.