Cool Your Roof – Heat Reflective Coatings

Dark roofs aren’t practical in Australia!
They heat your home in summer and add big dollars to your power bills
However – Australians prefer the visual look of dark roofs.
Heat Reflective Roof Paint – Australian’s prefer the visual look of darker coloured roofs. You only have to look at the roofs in a new housing estate to verify this statement. There are very few white roofs.
Those living under a dark roof suffer from additional heat discomfort in summer with unfortunately significantly increased power bills.
There is also a growing trend towards Colourbond Iron Roofs with new homes, most of which orientate to the darker range of colours, and in summer you can cook eggs on a dark iron roof they get so hot.

The Science is Simple

Darker colous absord the sun’s infra-red rays – which account for 50% of the heat build up in your roof, whilst lighter colours reflect them. Heat build-up in a darker coloured roof during summer can increase the inside house temperature by up to 10 to 12 Degrees Celsius.

Heat reflective roofing membranes provide an answer in combination with traditional ceiling insulation, heat reflective roof paint and roof ventilation! Heat reflecting pigments found in quality heat reflecting roofing membranes can help to reduce summer heat discomfort and help reduce those rapidly rising power bills.