Selecting a Roof Restorer

Should a roof restorer be licenced?

Yes. OCBA requires all roof restorers to be licenced. If a problem emerges you have the backing of OCBA. You can verify the validity of a licence at this website.

I have heard that many large companies don’t use their own employees! Should this concern me?

Many large companies use franchisees or sub-contractors. A typical life of a franchisee or sub-contractor is 5 years with a company. The rates of pay are not high and they have to cover most of their own expenses. They are aware that any warranty work is ultimately the company’s responsibility which typically occurs after about 5 years, if it is going to e.g. peeling paint.  As such this may sometimes lead to short cuts being taken in areas that won’t be seen easily, such as cleaning.

Some companies have inspectors to review the roof. Is this a benefit?

Not Really. You only need inspectors where the work is franchised or sub-contracted out. The most critical aspect of an Adelaide roof restoration is the cleaning of the roof and this is where shortcuts can be taken. The inspectors are usually employees of the roof restoration company and inspect the franchisee’s or subcontractor’s work after it has been completed. They cannot tell at all if the roof has been prepared properly once it has been painted.

Many of the companies that advertise on TV give big giveaways, like free gutters. Is it really a giveaway?

Be aware of the big giveaways, they are a sales tactic to get you to sign contracts quickly and typically used by large companies. The sales tactic is to start with a high price and then to reduce it by throwing in benefits. Usually to obtain those benefits you must sign up then and there. This is known as pressure selling.

What is the normal paint warranty period?


Any paint to be used should carry a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.  Anything less than that is unacceptable.