What happens in a restoration?

We have to say that day 1 of the Roof Restoration Adelaide is the worst day. All of that dirt moss and lichen will be washed off the roof and it all comes down to ground level. From there we wash down all affected areas including walls, windows, paths, fences, etc.

We ask that you relocate cars, remove washing from the line and shut any windows to minimise the risk of dirty water (and that’s all it is — just dirty water) entering your house, and advise neighbours who may be affected (we always will clean up neighbours properties as well).

Firstly the Roof is Cleaned

We start with high pressure cleaning services Adelaide of your roof, inclusive in cleaning up the affected areas below at ground level. We use high pressure equipment rated at 4000 psi allowing us the correct pressure to fully clean the tiles.
Just like any painting job, it is the preparation that is the most important phase of the process. If the roof is cleaned properly there will be usually be no peeling or flaking paint in future years.
We are conscious of rainwater tanks and make sure that dirty cleaning water is diverted.  We clean up affected areas at ground level including paths, windows, fences, walls, etc.
It is of extreme importance that this process is conducted thoroughly. The most common warranty claim is a peeling roof which is always attributed to poor cleaning.

Then the Ridge Caps and Tiles are attended to

We undertake all necessary roof restoration including re-bedding and re-pointing your ridge caps, tile replacements where required and tile repair and relocation to gutter line where needed.
Note that the sales force of some large companies frequently advise that a full re-bedding of the ridge caps is required when it is not. It is often used as a fear tactic to induce a quick sale. More often we find that the existing bedding is intact and only requires re-pointing which is the process that provides the ridge caps with their structural strength.

Then the Tiles are Coated

Prior to spraying we mask skylights, pergolas, Solar Panels, etc to stop overspray occuring. If deemed required we initially spray an MOULD INHIBITOR to lessen the regrowth of mould and lichen. We then apply:
  • a PRIMER/SEALER COAT – This is a special Roof Primer to seal the roof tiles or if required a Galvanized Metal Primer to seal the roof iron.
  • Then we apply 2 TOP COATS. We provide you with a choice of 2 Paint Companies being Dulux or Acryloc and a further choice of Standard Roof Coatings and Heat Reflective Roof Coatings.  Note that we can, to reduce costs, apply a first coat of Non Heat Reflective and a  Second Coat of Heat Reflective.
Adelaide Roof Restoration