What Paint Company Should You Select?

There are 2 major paint brands we would recommend to our clients—Dulux or Acryloc. Both of these brands have a range of 40+ colours available to match the Colorbond® palette.

Great selection

  • Dulux: The new Dulux® AcraTex® Roof Membrane formula stays fresh, glossy, and crack free. It’s 100% acrylic, which is best for reflecting sunlight and controlling temperature.
  • Acryloc: This is a great option for all surfaces, metal or concrete. The colours are all available in durable UV resistant Tint Pacs.

Proven Process

We follow a 3-coat process to make sure the finish is even, durable, vibrant, and well-sealed. We carry out a full clean and can lay down mould inhibitor if required. The next step is to lay down a primer/sealer as a base. Next comes the colour, and we’re happy to mix and match by applying a non-heat reflective paint before the heat reflective roof paint to cut down the costs (rather than paying for two heat reflective coats).

More details on roofing paints

Download the Dulux Acratex Brochure which includes Colour Charts
Download Dulux InfraCool Case Study
Download Acryloc Technical Data on Heat-Reflective Roofing Membrane
Download Acryloc Technical Data on Non-Heat-Reflective Roofing Membrane
Acryloc Cool-Roof Temperature Comparisons against Non-Cool-Roof